Scientific direction Development of key enabling technologies
Transfer of knowledge to industry

CEA Tech

Within CEA, the only French public research organization in the world top 100 of innovation players (Derwent 2018-19), CEA Tech creates technological innovation to improve the competitiveness of French companies through performance and product differentiation. Thanks to its 4,500 employees, it protects, develops and disseminates generic technologies which cover the majority of the field of traditional industrial applications up to the most advanced "high-tech" sectors.


CEA Tech tackles the three key and ongoing transitions of the 21st century: numeric, energy and medical ones. For each, CEA Tech research teams innovates within a vibrant network of academic and industrial partnerships, to develop the technologies of the future.

In order to tackle these three major transitions and be able to sustain a continous flow of innovation , CEA Tech is deeply involved in advanced research. 

CEA Tech developps researches in three main domains :
• Micro and nanotechnologies
• Smart digital systems
• New energy technologies and nanomaterials

CEA Tech relies on three large research Institutes, two in Grenoble, Leti and Liten and one in Saclay, List, and a network of technology transfer facilities in Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Metz, Cadarache and Lille.