Scientific direction Development of key enabling technologies
Transfer of knowledge to industry

CEA  Tech and its environment

CEA Tech leverages state-of-the-art industrial equipment, large-scale infrastructure, and advanced knowledge in multiple fields to bring you powerful technology platforms designed to boost innovation.

The Leti work on micro-nanotechnologies and their integration. Is specializes in microsystems, biotech, photonics and nanoelectronics. He has a budget of 240M€ and a staff of 1800 people.

The List work on software-intensive systems. Is specializes in embedded systems, sensors-big data and advanced manufacturing. He has a budget of 70M€ and a staff of 800 people.

The Liten work on new energy technologies and nanomaterials. Is specializes in building solar, carbon-free transports, biomass-hydrogen and nano materials-nanotechnologies. He has a budget of 190M€ and a staff of 1100 people.