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Investigation of electrochemiluminescence reactions at diamond electrodes for analytical applications


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The PhD fellow will focus on the investigation of electrochemiluminescence (ECL) processes at boron doped diamond (BDD) electrode surfaces. ECL is a phenomenon in which photons are emitted during electrochemical reactions. It already proved to be a very promising analytical tool for sensing applications, where both high sensitivity and selectivity are needed. Indeed, it merges the advantages of chemiluminescent analysis with the absence of background optical signal, with wide possibilities for reaction control using diverse electrochemical protocols. ECL can be observed in organic solvents where both oxidized and reduced forms of luminescent species are produced simultaneously. Excitation energy is then obtained from recombination of oxidized and/or reduced species. In aqueous environments, simultaneous oxidation and reduction of luminescent species is difficult to achieve due to electrochemical splitting of water, implying the use of a co-reactant. In this case luminescent species are oxidized at the electrode together with the co-reactant, which gives a strong reducing agent after some chemical transformations. In this context, Boron Doped Diamond electrodes offer numerous advantages that have been little explored for ECL analytical applications. The candidate will demonstrate the advantages of BDD for such ECL applications, bring some new knowledge regarding the chemical/physical reactions involved, and will eventually contribute to the development of an analytical demonstrator.

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