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Integrated multiparametric electroanalytical platform for organoid monitoring

Technological challenge: Health and environment technologies, medical devices (learn more)

Department: Département Microtechnologies pour la Biologie et la Santé (LETI)

Laboratory: Laboratoire Chimie, Capteurs et Biomatériaux

Start Date: 01-10-2022

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0778

Contact: yohann.thomas@cea.fr

Organoids on a chip (OOC) have been the subject of numerous scientific works over the past decade. Indeed, the introduction in microfluidic components of tissue structures, mimicking by their function and architecture the behavior of organs, allows in-depth studies of their functioning and/or behavior when they are subjected to physical, physicochemical, biological or (bio)molecular stresses. These devices could make it possible to study the impact of a drug or a biomaterial on the viability of the cells making up the organ without requiring or limiting the use of animal experiments. Moreover, these devices open the way to the implementation of personalized medicine by using the treated patient's own cells. However, their applicability presents several limitations related to the nature of their temporal observation based essentially on microscopic analyses and sequential or even punctual (bio)chemical measurements. The full and complete use of these devices requires the implementation of real time measurements allowing understanding and analyzing the response of organoids to a solicitation via the monitoring of its cellular functioning. For this, it is important to integrate sensors capable of measuring in situ this functioning via the detection and / or the quantification of metabolites and or biomolecular secretions used as biomarkers of cellular functions. The aim of this thesis is to develop an OSP instrumented by electrochemical sensors in order to probe the physiological and metabolic functions or the integrity of the organoid in real time. This transdisciplinary work involves the design of electrochemical sensor platforms, their integration in a microfluidic network and the implementation of complex 3D cell cultures.

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