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Evaluation of the interaction between waveguides and holograms for the development of directional emitters for Augmented Reality applications

Technological challenge: Photonics, Imaging and displays (learn more)

Department: Département d'Optronique (LETI)

Laboratory: Laboratoire Architecture Systèmes Photoniques

Start Date: 01-10-2022

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0698

Contact: christophe.martinez@cea.fr

The field of Augmented Reality is an active area of research for several years. This field is expected to offer new possibilities for the interaction between users and mobile devices. Among the various technologies investigated worldwide by the academic and industrial teams, holography is of particular interest. Its main advantage concerns the possibility of performing optical functions while maintaining high transparency. In our system, holography is associated with planar waveguides to allow the transport and the transformation of an image from a display to the eye. CEA Leti contributes to this research with an ambitious concept of retinal projection based on the association of waveguides and holograms. This PhD proposal follows various previous PhD projects dedicated to our retinal projection device. In particular, this PhD proposal focuses on the interaction between a 2D waveguide and a micro-hologram. The PhD is organized around a theoretical and an experimental approach. The theoretical part will involve simulation tools to allow the student to evaluate the physical effects involved in the recording and the reading of a hologram between a guided wave and free space wave. The work will be completed by an experimental demonstration using our laboratory expertise of waveguide and hologram manufacturing at microscopic scales. A specific target of the PhD concerns the development of this critical technology for the development of innovative Near Eye Display based on directional emitters.

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