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Smart control and management strategies for flexibility of electricity systems - Validation by real-time simulation

Technological challenge: Smart Energy grids (learn more)

Department: Département des Technologies Solaires (LITEN)

Laboratory: Laboratoire Systèmes Electriques Intelligents

Start Date: 01-09-2022

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0690

Contact: QuocTuan.Tran@cea.fr

In the context of the energy transition, flexibility plays an important role in optimizing the supply of energy, for maintaining the balance, stability and operational reliability of the electricity system, and for integrating a growing share of renewable energies in the grid. Several works have already been carried out by CEA-LIRE on flexibility in the context of the energy mix from electricity production to smart control and management of transport and distribution systems and more flexible demand. In these works, the concepts and equipment were modeled, studied and treated independently of one another. In this proposal, the objective is to study all of these solutions (production, network, demand) in a single simulation to assess the overall flexibility available in the system. Intelligent control and management strategies (coordinated and / or distributed, and / or hybrid) for energy flexibility, voltage and frequency control and stability will be developed. The validation of the proposed flexibility solutions will be carried out by simulations of electricity networks in different energy mix scenarios and in a realistic environment by real-time simulation.

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