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Study of perovskite materials growth by close space sublimation

Technological challenge: Solar energy for energy transition (learn more)

Department: Département des Technologies des NanoMatériaux (LITEN)

Laboratory: Laboratoire des Composants Hétérogènes

Start Date: 01-09-2022

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0684

Contact: louis.grenet@cea.fr

This thesis aims at studying the growth mechanisms and the characterization of perovskite materials deposited by close-space sublimation (CSS). This innovative deposition method, recently developed at CEA for this material, allows synthesizing layers to build new devices with improved performances in various applications (medical radiography, photovoltaics ...), but it is still poorly known. The work carried out in the framework of this thesis will first try to study the elementary mechanisms of the growth by CSS through a dedicated equipment. The structural and electrical properties of the perovskite layers will then be systematically analyzed by advanced characterizations in order to understand the internal (composition, temperature, ...) or external (presence of impurities, moisture content, ...) parameters that govern them. These studies will allow optimizing the deposition conditions to improve the quality of the layers and to meet the specificities of the targeted applications. The study will focus on the inorganic perovskite CsPbBr3 used for X-ray detection and may be extended to the hybrid perovskite CsFAPb(BrI)3 for photovoltaic applications.

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