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Batteries Lithium recovery using an Electrochemical Ion-Pumping Process

Technological challenge: Green and decarbonated energy incl. bioprocesses and waste valorization (learn more)

Department: Département des Technologies des NanoMatériaux (LITEN)

Laboratory: Laboratoire des technologies de valorisation des procédés et des matériaux pour les EnR

Start Date: 01-11-2022

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0678

Contact: emmanuel.billy@cea.fr

The use of lithium has increased dramatically in recent years due to the explosion of the lithium ion battery market. Future European regulation will lead to lithium recovery, so far not included in recycling processes. That's why today, a selective technology to generate a low cost, low environmental impact and robust lithium concentrate is needed. The electrochemical route appears as an alternative to selectively separate and concentrate lithium by an eco-compatible way. The PhD study will consist in the development and understanding of processes allowing the selective extraction of lithium from battery leachate. The insertion material must be adapted to the chemical specificities of the recycling baths (pH, nature and concentration of species). A study of selectivity, efficiency and robustness of the electrochemical process will identify a compatible insertion and deinsertion material. A fine characterization of the materials (HRTEM, DRX, etc.) will allow to identify the aging mechanisms at the origin of the alteration of the process cyclability. An alternative material or materials to those in the literature may then be proposed. Finally, this work should make it possible to propose the use of this technological building blocks in hydrometallurgical processes intended for the recycling of Li-ion batteries.

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