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Towards on-chip quantum photonics for quantum information protocols

Technological challenge: New computing paradigms, circuits and technologies, incl. quantum (learn more)

Department: Département d'Optronique (LETI)

Laboratory: Laboratoire d'Intégration Photonique sur Silicium

Start Date: 01-09-2022

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0677

Contact: kevin.roux@cea.fr

Using quantum resources for storing and processing information has become a tremendous topic in quantum technologies. Among many strategies (superconducting junctions, ions, atoms, NV centers?), photons offer several strong advantages with a long coherence time and benefits from long-standing research in integrated photonics, making it possible to push the integration at the scale of a single photonic chip for manipulation and detection. As single photon sources, manipulation circuits (interferometers, filters, switches) and detection are available resources, hoping for integrated quantum circuit allowing to entangle photons, realize qbit gates and perform detection (Bell tomography, homodyne detection) becomes an appealing platform for quantum information. The candidate will be in charge to design and build an integrated quantum optics experiment to perform integrated quantum photonics experiment benefiting from the fabrication and design capability of CEA Leti in the field of silicon photonic circuit. The first part of the project will be mostly technical, involving setting up lasers, computer control system, RF electronics and FPGA programming. Once the apparatus will be operational, the candidate will be in charge of performing the first experiment, consisting in characterizing single photon sources based on micro resonators and the quality of the produced two-photon entangled states. This will be the elementary building blocks paving the way to more complex circuits applied to quantum communication and computation. In addition, and depending on the candidate's tastes, design of new circuits and/or simulation of circuit for quantum application (Quiskit, Qutip) can be envisioned.

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