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Advanced modelling of deteriorating phenomena in solid state Li-ions batteries

Technological challenge: Electrochemical energy storage incl. batteries for energy transition (learn more)

Department: Département de l'Electricité et de l'Hydrogène pour les Transports (LITEN)

Laboratory: Laboratoire Modélisation multi-échelle et suivi Performance

Start Date: 01-09-2022

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0584

Contact: eric.woillez@cea.fr

In the last few years, Li-ions batteries have become the leading world battery technology, overwhelming the older Cadmium-Nickel and Alkaline technologies. Their large massic energy capacities make them very good candidates for energy supply in current and future all-electric vehicles. Despite many years of academic and industrial research, the Li-ions technology is still challenging: batteries are very complex multi-physics systems, in which electrochemical and mechanical phenomena are coupled at different scales from the microscale to the battery pack scale. The current predictive models are engineering oriented and rely on simple up-scaling of physical and electrochemical laws that do not completely account for the electrode characteristics of modern batteries manufacturing processes, in particular for the recent all solid state battery generation. In the present PHD-thesis, the problem of battery performance will be addressed starting directly from the transport equations at the electrode microstructure level. Up-scaling theory will be combined with numerical averaging to determine the relevant features of the microstructure to be used in cell level models, including interfacial and mechanical phenomena. The PHD-thesis has a theoretical and numerical orientation, but the candidate will be in close contact with the experimental labs in order to work on realistic electrode models.

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