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Make FHE Great Again: A valid security solution need integrity

Technological challenge: Cyber security : hardware and sofware (learn more)

Department: Département Systèmes et Circuits Intégrés Numériques (LIST)

Laboratory: Laboratoire pour la Confiance des sYstèmes de calcuL

Start Date: 01-09-2022

Location: Saclay

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0350

Contact: oana.stan@cea.fr

Homomorphic encryption is a cryptographic technique allowing to perform computation directly over encrypted data, without having access to the clear data. Nowadays, the homomorphic encryption is one of the most powerful way of ensuring data confidentiality when externalising the computation to a remote server or a cloud. The issue with the current solutions using homomorphic encryption is that they make security assumptions too weak (the classical model of a "honest-but-curious" computation entity) to be deployed in real-world situations. The objectif of this Phd is the design and the conception of new cybersecurity solutions based on homomorphic encryption but with stronger adversary models and with integrity mechanisms. In order to guarantee the integrity of the solutions, there will be several options to study. A first option consists in the analysis, the application or the design and the implementation of verifiable computing protocols over encrypted data. Moreover, new extensions to the existing verifiable computation techniques for homomorphically encrypted data can be imagined in order to support more functionalities (support for multi-users, support for boostrapable-based cryptosystems, etc.). The other two options are more out-of-the-box solutions and will be analyzed in a second line: the blockchain which by construction provides guarantees of execution integrity and hardware-assisted solutions (such as the secure enclaves) which can also provide integrity but have additional constraints. The PhD will take place at CEA LIST, in LCYL lab, in a research group with more than ten years of experience in homomorphic encryption and its application.

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