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Influence of the physical properties of materials on their fracture mechanism

Technological challenge: Emerging materials and processes for nanotechnologies and microelectronics (learn more)

Department: Département des Plateformes Technologiques (LETI)

Laboratory: Laboratoire

Start Date: 01-10-2021

Location: Grenoble

CEA Code: SL-DRT-22-0573

Contact: frederic.mazen@cea.fr

One of the laboratory's main activities concerns the development of Smart-CutTM technology, in partnership with the company SOITEC. Smart-CutTM technology is an original thin film transfer technique. It is based on the implantation of light ions, the molecular bonding of the implanted substrate on a handle substrate, and the treatment of fractures caused in the implanted area. This technique is well mastered and it allows, among other things, the industrial manufacture of SOI (Silicon On Insulator) wafers. In recent years, we have made significant progress in understanding the fundamental mechanisms involved in the fracture stage of Smart CutTM technology. They were largely enabled by the implementation of original characterization techniques developed in-house to address this problem. So far, these studies have been carried out mainly on silicon structures. Nevertheless, Smart-CutTM technology is used to manufacture advanced substrates by transfer of various materials (LiTaO3, Ge, SiC, etc? ..) As part of the thesis, we propose to study the fracture mechanism in these different materials. The objective will be to generalize the physical models developed for the fracture of silicon to other materials. The student will implement different types of characterizations to study fracture in structures integrating the materials of interest. Several microscopy and spectrometry techniques will be used to study the growth of implantation defects up to fracture as well as post-fracture status. The dynamics of fracture in these materials will be studied using dedicated optical benches.

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