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Autonomous network management solution for deterministic networks using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques

The objective of the thesis is to explore and evaluate the gain that could bring the Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to the network management solutions for deterministic networks. The goal is to help deterministic networks to ensure the preservation of the quality of service (QoS) during the routing of end-to-end data flow no matter what changes are made to the network. This will allow to design an autonomous network management solution that is able to configure deterministic networks in the most appropriate way and adapt the configuration when needed (e.g. new terminal connecting to the network, unexpected high latency for certain critical flows, change of the topology caused by the reorganization / reconfiguration of components of the production chain in the factory etc.). This solution will use artificial intelligence methods to learn from experience the conditions that lead to non-compliance with application flow requirements (high latency, low bandwidth, etc.). Learning takes place to recognize, upstream, the situations that may lead to non-compliance with the constraints of application flows and also to predict the effects of changes in input data (new terminal, reorganization of the plant, etc.) on the level of QoS provided to flows in transit. Based on such knowledge, the solution will anticipate QoS degradation situations and, consequently, will decide and push the adequate network reconfiguration which will make it possible to respect the constraints associated with each application flow.

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Département : Département Intelligence Ambiante et Systèmes Interactifs (LIST) Laboratory : Laboratoire Systèmes Communiquants Start Date : 01-02-2021 CEA Code : SL-DRT-21-0178 Contact :

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