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Model of energy losses due to fouling of bifacial PV modules and the reduction in induced albedo.


Département des Technologies Solaires (LITEN)

Laboratoire Systèmes PV




The generation of energy from solar technologies becomes more and more important and consequently the serious consideration of a problem, the soiling Today, the unit of measurement is no longer the Giga Wh but the Tera Wh and, therefore, the smallest percentage of losses can generate a considerable economic deficit. In order to reduce the cost of the energy produced (LCOE), the players are looking to locate their installations in the sunniest, arid and unfortunately often very dusty regions. Finally, a promising new technology of PV cells, capable of capturing photons on both sides, has recently emerged and requires a fundamental review of the soiling approach, taking particular account of variations in soil albedo. The context of the study is favorable, because motivated by an increasing number of patents and articles, strong pressure on the cost of cleaning and water consumption, new applications such as agro-PV particularly sensitive. The main objective of the doctoral student is to develop algorithms for calculating the impact of soiling from the characteristics of the PV fields, data measured on the systems and taking into account the influencing environmental parameters. He identifies the best measurement methods and instruments to quantify the level of soiling. The scientific difficulty lies in the diversity of the materials concerned and the challenge consists in apprehending and reproducing multiple physico-chemical phenomena involved in the process of accumulation of soiling.

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