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Integration of piezoelectric-based power converters


Département Architectures Conception et Logiciels Embarqués (LIST-LETI)

Laboratoire Intégration Gestion d?Energie Capteurs et Actionneurs



The aim of this thesis is to integrate high-efficiency power converters based on resonating piezoelectric transducers. A large part of the work is to develop the integrated circuit to handle high switching frequency operation while maintaining an adiabatic energy transfer. Based on our recently published results [Pollet2019], the integration of the power stage and the control between phases paves the way of the miniaturization of the piezoelectric transducer using microelectronics process. The PhD student will cover the sizing, IC design, electro-mechanical characterization and feedback control of miniaturized piezoelectric-based power converters. [Pollet2019] B. Pollet et al., A New Non-Isolated Low-Power Inductorless Piezoelectric DC?DC Converter, Trans. on Power Electronics, 2019.

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