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Realization by additive manufacturing of a 3D ceramic / metal device, applied to remote power transfer and to remote control.







CEA Tech?s materials platform focuses on the shaping of advanced ceramics and offers R&D partnerships in additive manufacturing involving ceramics parts. The proposed thesis aims the increase of the knowledge and expertise needed to design and realize ceramic / metal devices. The chosen application is the remote control and the remote power transfer of a mechatronic system consisting of one or several sensors. The first phase of the thesis of a duration of 9 months will consist in a bibliography study and a dimensioning study in order to choose the best ceramic / metal couple with respect to the application case. The second phase of a duration of 9 months will consist in additive manufacturing and metallization of planar prototypes and will consist in mechanical, morphological and dielectric characterization. The third phase of a duration of 12 months will lead to additive manufacturing and metallization of the final 3D prototype. Eventually, the performance of the prototype will be evaluated though functional testing.

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