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Processing & Encapsulation of perovskite-based PV devices

Département des Technologies Solaires (LITEN)

Laboratoire Modules Photovoltaïques Organiques



Over the last decades, the development of low-cost photovoltaic cells alternative to crystalline silicon ones has progressed following two paths : inorganic-based thin films and organic ones. Unfortunately, until very recently, there was no semiconducting material that could both be processed at low temperature via wet process and provide sufficient efficiencies to compete with silicon-based technologies. Yet, in the past few years, several works showed that lead-based organohalide perovskite (ABX3, CH3NH3PbI3) could fulfil all these requirements. This kind of material can then be integrated into PV devices via wet processing and lead to efficiencies in excess to 20%. This represents a remarkable technological jump for the development of low cost solar cells. The aim of this PhD project is then develop the processing & encapsulation of perovskite-based PV devices.

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