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New Perovskite based material for medical X-ray

Département Microtechnologies pour la Biologie et la Santé (LETI)

Laboratoire Détecteurs



The Laboratory Imaging System for Life is part of the Department of Microtechnologies for Biology and Health of the CEA/LETI. It has a solid expertise in the development of new detection modules based on a semiconductor or a scintillator layer, combined with a readout electronics for X-ray or gamma-ray imaging in the fields of medical imaging or control for security. The objective of this thesis, in collaboration with a leading industrial in the field of digital radiography, is to study a new perovskite-based semiconductor material for direct X-ray detection. A thesis is underway since October 2017 at the CEA/LITEN about the elaboration of this material. Their use in photoconducting devices is expected to increase the signal and improve the spatial resolution of images, thus reduce the dose administered to the patient, or even, in counting mode, provide access to new information on tissue composition. For this, the student, physicist and experimenter, will have to characterize the transport properties of charge carriers, the nature of defects, and the electric field of crystals elaborated at the CEA/LITEN. He will model their behavior. Finally, it will study their performances for different applications, in integration mode and photon counting mode.

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