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Microalgae strain selection and caracterisation for cultivation under industrial CO2





Microalgae have the advantage of being able to convert CO2 into a valuable biomass via photosynthesis. They are capable of capturing industrial CO2 emissions while reducing the environmental impact of the emitting industry. However, due to high production costs, microalgae are restricted to specialty markets (cosmetics, nutraceuticals). The use of industrial CO2 by microalgae would imply significant quantities of CO2 to be recovered. This would require a drastic reduction of the production costs. For that, the surface (or volume) productivity need to be significantly improved to reduce costs and the footprint reduced. It is therefore essential to select microalgae that can be more efficient. This thesis proposes to screen the microalgae biodiversity in search of strains which exhibit excellent performances of CO2 to biomass conversion. Another criterion of this screening will be the tolerance of microalgae to high concentrations of CO2 since industrial exhaust fumes generally contains high concentration of CO2. The objective of this screening is to select and characterize microalgae strains with high CO2 uptake rate and good tolerance to high CO2 concentrations. The most efficient strains will be characterized more precisely and their ability to tolerate high CO2 concentrations will be studied.

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