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Toward the Next generation of Non Volatile Phase-Change Memory Targeting Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Département Composants Silicium (LETI)

Laboratoire de Composants Mémoires



The goal of the PhD is to contribute to the development of the next generation of Non-Volatile Phase Change Memory (PCM) that target low power applications. Since this technology bases its functionality on the Joule heating, the thermal optimization of the PCM cell becomes the key point of this work. In this context, the candidate will contribute to the following tasks: multi-physical simulations to understand the impact of the interfaces and the thermal barriers on the programming current of the cell; physicochemical characterization of the different materials envisaged as thermal barriers; analysis of new phase change materials by DRX, FTIR, TEM, photo-thermal radiometry, etc. ; electrical characterization of memory devices integrating optimized thermal barriers and innovative phase change materials; development and fabrication of an "ultimate" PCM device that can be the precursor of the new generation of PCM devices. In addition, the student will be involved in the collaboration with external laboratories, experts at the international level in the field of heat transport.

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