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Pre-sizing method for multi-source hybrid systems includin the energy management strategy

Département de l'Electricité et de l'Hydrogène pour les Transports (LITEN)

Laboratoire Architecture Electrique et Hybridation



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Embedded hybrid energy source systems are popular for the energy transition but are also complex to size: there is a strong dependence between the design of energy sources (battery, fuel cell, wind turbine, internal combustion engine, etc.) and the choice and configuration of the control law in real time (hybridization rate, real time strategy). The larger the number of sources, the more "complex" the problem to be solved is: the number of decision variables and the couplings between them become too important for traditional optimization methods. Pre-sizing such systems requires a new method of optimization. According to the state of the art of research on the pre-sizing by optimization of hybrid systems including the control law, the method will probably have to be based on a hybridization of different optimization techniques (branch and bound, stochastic, multi-level, quadratic, etc.). The objective of this hybridization would be to correctly manage the interdependencies of the energy sources with the control law during the pre-sizing phase while guaranteeing an optimal system with a reasonable calculation cost. The method proposed in the thesis could be tested, analyzed and improved on different applications such as the Energy Observer.

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