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Synthesis and photophysical characterization of new cyclophane molecules

Département Métrologie Instrumentation et Information (LIST)

Laboratoire Capteurs et Architectures Electroniques



During our recent developments in the field of radiation detection for nuclear instrumentation, we showed a benefic effect of cyclophane doping in plastic scintillators for neutron/gamma discrimination. The goal of this thesis is to perform a systematic study, both theoretical and experimental; of this phenomenon by synthesizing a library of polyaromatic cyclophane molecules. These molecules are for most of them new and will form the ground for the future theoretical and applicative exploration. Hence, a strong background in organic chemistry is required for this PhD. The other ambition of this thesis is to build a theoretical framework for the numerous photophysical processes that can occur in cyclophane molecules, with a very peculiar structure. This work will be based on a collaboration between three laboratories: CEA Saclay, for the nuclear detection application (DRT/LCAE); ENS Paris-Saclay, for photophysics research (PPSM); and Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin, for organic chemistry (ILV/SORG).

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