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Conception and test of innovative OSL/FO detectors for online neutron monitoring dedicated to dismantling-decommissioning and post-accidental management

Département Métrologie Instrumentation et Information (LIST)

Laboratoire Capteurs Fibres Optiques



The LIST Institute (CEA/Saclay) has developed an innovative fiber-coupled photon dosimeter based on Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL), successfully applied on several dismantling sites (Marcoule and Cadarache, France). Radiological investigations in hard-to-access zones (tanks, pipes, reactors, storage ponds, etc.) are performed online with miniaturized OSL/FO probes, as a substitute to conventional dosimeters (gamma camera, CZT, GM, etc.). Operators are in demand for an online neutron dosimetry for the plutonium line or for post-accidental management, necessitating an important research effort on probe conception. First, a review of the literature (papers, patents) will be provided and two sensor conceptions will be investigated at DM2I (SAC) and DER (CAD) with the help of Monte-Carlo codes (e.g. MCNP, TRIPOLI-4), dedicated to the detection of thermal and fast neutrons respectively. Commercially available materials or specially designed ones will be investigated for thermal neutron detection. Furthermore, as photon irradiation is ubiquitous, neutron contributions will be discriminated against photon ones, possibly by making use of two detectors of unbalanced sensitivities. Then a preliminary series of detectors will be manufactured based on Monte-Carlo modelings and tested under gamma and neutron expositions for several energies with the OSL/FO readout units available at DM2I/SAC. Several neutron sources are available at DM2I/SAC (SAPHIR), DER/CAD or at IRSN/CAD (AMANDE). Conclusions will be drawn from the experimental feedback about the performance of the new OSL/FO neutron detectors and their ability to discriminate photon vs neutron contributions. Taking into account this feedback, a second series of detectors will be manufactured and eventually tested in common mode (photon and neutron), in order to validate their field use. Papers and communications will be provided throughout the PhD period, after possible filing of patent(s) and ahead of the writing of the PhD dissertation.

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