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Synthesis and characterization of news cathodic materials for high energy li-ion applications

Département de l'Electricité et de l'Hydrogène pour les Transports (LITEN)



LITEN is one of the highest European research centers in the field of the new energy technologies. LITEN research activities focus on the renewable energy, on the energy efficiency and on the high performance materials for energy. Since the early of the 90's, Li-ion technology has considerably evolved in order to outperform other storage technologies (Pb, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH,?). With the rapid development of hybrid and electric vehicles, it is necessary to find new solutions to increase the battery life. So, it is now important to develop new generations of cathodic materials in order to pass the threshold of 250 Wh/kg and to reach in the second step 350 wh/kg. Literature reports that some rock-salt materials are able to reach these specifications. The selected student will be assigned of the mission of synthesis, characterization and evaluation of new materials of this family.

Solid Oxide cells operated in electrolysis and co-electrolysis : understanding the degradation mechanisms by a multi-scale analysis

Département Thermique Biomasse et Hydrogène (LITEN)



Thanks to a high efficiency, high temperature steam electrolysis has received an increasing interest in recent years. An originality of the technology is that it offers the possibility to coelectrolyze steam and carbon dioxide, thus valorizing CO2 into the production of a syngas composed of H2 and CO. However, significant degradation rates are still reported in electrolysis and coelectrolysis constituting a major limitation to the industrial deployment of this technology. Underlying mechanisms inducing the degradation phenomena are associated to local entangled processes happening within the electrodes. The combined effect of these elementary mechanisms on the degradation rates is not well understood and needs to be unraveled. The proposed PhD thesis will address this issue by using a coupled experimental and modelling multi-scale method. Thanks to this fundamental approach, technical solutions in terms of strategy of operation and/or cell architectures could be proposed.

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