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Space, time and frequency diversity for accurate range and angle of arrival measurement in UWB

The objective of the PhD is to explore the use of a 2-4 antennas subsystem with an Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) RF front-end to bring angle of arrival estimation. The research aims to analyze by models the impact of the propagation, the antennas and the RF path imperfections on the estimation, to establish performance bounds and to propose architectural solutions and algorithms. To achieve this goal, the principle is to rely on several estimation techniques, separately or jointly, using phase information, ultra-precise TOA estimations and frequency diversity. During the course of the PhD, real data will be exploited from existing UWB ICs and channel sounding campaigns data obtained thanks to measurement facilities and support at CEA-Leti. This research will bring a major innovation to go beyond the classical time of arrival estimation of existing integrated implementations used in precise real time location systems. The research will be applied to a use case in the medical area dedicated to visually impaired persons. Required background: Knowledge about communication systems, signal processing, RF architectures and some basics about antennas, propagation, RF circuits and measurements. Type of work : Bibliography (10%), Modelling (30%), Simulation (40%), Measurements (10%), Thesis and Papers Writting (10%)

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Département : Département Architectures Conception et Logiciels Embarqués (LIST-LETI) Laboratory : Laboratoire Architectures Intégrées Radiofréquences Start Date : 01-10-2015 ECA Code : SL-DRT-15-0008 Contact :