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Multi-point measurement method development for uncertainties reduction of activity quantification in nuclear waste drum using gamma spectrometry


Laboratoire Capteurs et Architectures Electroniques



The management of radioactive waste packages is a major challenge for the nuclear industry. Characterization of the packages requires non-destructive nuclear measurement solutions in order to preserve the integrity of packages. The present thesis will focus on a concrete case of application which will consist in equipping with embedded sensors a six-axis robotic arm bearing a smear system, a contaminameter, and a gamma spectrometer. The robotic arm will allow multipoint measurements, in dose rate (with a Geiger-Müller type detector) and gamma spectrometry (with a CdZnTe detector). The drums to be characterized will have weak or medium activities, and the radioelements to be identified will be activation products and actinides. The aim of this thesis is to define a dynamic multipoint measurement method for optimizing the declaration of uncertainty associated with the quantity of interest (dose rate and activity). This thesis will include an MCNP6 simulation component and an experimental component.

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