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Design of an embedded vision system integrating a fast intelligent imager

Département Systèmes et Circuits Intégrés Numériques (LIST)

Laboratoire Intelligence Artificielle Embarquée



The goal of the postdoc is to evaluate the interest of smart imagers integrating processing in the focal plane in embedded vision systems for a localization function and to propose a complete embedded vision system integrating a smart imager and a host. The study will focus on ego-localization applications, to realize, for example, a 3D localization function. From an existing application chain, the post-doctoral fellow will be able to carry out an algorithmic study in order to optimize it to exploit the qualities of the intelligent imager. Then he will be able to propose a partitioning between smart imager and host system, according to performance criteria. An experiment using the RETINE smart imager as well as the IRIS host board could be conducted to validate the proposal.

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