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Wood modifications by supercritical CO2

Département des Technologies des NanoMatériaux (LITEN)

Laboratoire des technologies de valorisation des procédés et des matériaux pour les EnR



In order to replace current high environmental impact construction materials, CEA leads research work on chemical functionalization of wood (from French local forests) to improve its properties and make them a viable substitute of these construction materials or imported construction wood. In this frame, chemistry under supercritical CO2 appears to be an efficient way to carry innovative chemistries while liůmiting the environmental impact & VOCs emissions of such processes. Thus, you will be in charge of the development of new processes of chemical modification of local wood species under supercritical CO2. You will lead the research project by perfroming the state of the art, making technical propositions (around the adapted functionalization chemistries), carrying out the eperiments & the characterizations and will be in charge of respecting the deadlines & redacting the associated deliverables.

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