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Accountability analysis of consensus algorithms for innovative blockchain applications

Département Ingénierie Logiciels et Systèmes (LIST)

Laboratoire exigences et conformité des systèmes



New usages based on the disintermediation of exchanges are becoming increasingly important in a digital world that is more and more extensive, globalized and open. These usages are made possible by the existence of "decentralized trust" mechanisms called distributed registries (DLT), of which blockchain is the best known representative. However, the technologies involved in these mechanisms are still immature and suffer from limitations that slow down their adoption: considerable ecological impact, slowness, approximate implementations of the algorithms and security proofs provided, uncertainties about the capacity to scale up and to guarantee its resilience (meaning the reconfiguration of the system when some of its entities behave maliciously). Overcoming these shortcomings is a crucial challenge to address the economic, societal and environmental issues of tomorrow's digital world and could lead to the widespread adoption of these technologies. In this context, an innovative approach to establish ?proof of stake?-based consensus is to monitor the behavior of participants with respect to, first, the consensus protocol, second, an arbitrary applicative protocol, with participants expected to follow both, and then establishing proof of compliant or non-compliant behavior, even in the presence of Byzantine actors.

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