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Optimization of hybrid energetic naval propulsion





This Postdoc focuses on the development of a methodology and a digital tool for defining, sizing and optimizing hybrid energy chains dedicated to ships. In addition to the energy needs on a dynamic operational profile, it must take into account the constraints inherent in the integration of a propulsion system and the storage of electrical energy and / or associated fuel: availability of power as a function of the sea state, vessel stability, exploitable masses and volumes on board, regulations, supply strategy? A bibliographic analysis will initially allow us to synthesize the needs; criteria and constraints take into account in the tool to optimize the step of defining and sizing the energy chain. This will result in a level of representativeness and a methodology necessary for the modeling of all the components and the simulation of a ship "from the tank to the propeller". The tool should therefore make it possible to integrate advanced energy optimization strategies that go beyond a heuristic approach. Once the problem and the objective function have been formalized, the tool should allow a multi-objective optimization of the architecture and sizing of the energy chain on a set of configurable criteria and constraints: consumption, polluting emissions, maneuverability, storage capacity on board? the methodology are evaluated on two use cases, which will be defined at the start of the project.

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