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Design Optimization of a District Heating System

Département Thermique Biomasse et Hydrogène (LITEN)

Laboratoire des Systèmes Energétiques et Démonstrateurs Territoriaux



As part of mitigation measures to limit global warming, district heating and cooling systems are currently progressing in France. Public authorities and an ambitious target of increasing, by a factor of five, the amount of renewable and recovery energy distributed by these systems by 2030 promote this evolution. In this context, there is a tremendous interest in designing algorithms and software to improve the assessment, the definition and the operation of these systems. Specifically, we are interested in the design optimization of new district heating systems. In this context, the combination of heuristic optimization and simulation seems a relevant approach. The aim of this post-doct position is to propose and asses a design optimization strategy for district heating systems. The strategy will integrate the possibility to optimize the distribution network, the location of the supply units and the size of various equipment (e.g. tube diameter ?). The envisioned optimization approach could be based on a metaheuristic coupled to a digital twin of the system available in our lab.

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