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PostDoc Optically Pumped Magnetometers Network (OPM)

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Laboratoire Capteurs Haute Performance



The purpose of the post-doctorate is to contribute to the development of magnetometer networks with helium optical pumping, magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magneto-cardiography (MCG). This will involve both theoretical and experimental work to improve a first prototype of medical magnetic imager, based on optically pumped magnetometers. This technology is derived from a product developed for space applications, and implemented on satellites currently orbitting. This work aims to bring this technology to the medical imaging market, through the creation of a CEA-Leti start-up. This work will be carried out in a multidisciplinary team, composed of researchers, experienced engineers, as well as PhD or post-doctorate students, specialized in the fields of optics / laser, magnetic and electronic instrumentation (there are 3 positions opened). This work will also rely on collaborations with medical research teams in neurology / cardiology. In particular, the candidate will have to participate in measurement campaigns in hospitals, in partnership with doctors and medical engineers. The purpose of these measurements is to lead the candidate to propose and implement improvements on the prototype magnetic imager used for measurements.

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