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Optimisation of the Micromegas detector for neutron radiography

Département Métrologie Instrumentation et Information (LIST)

Laboratoire Capteurs et Architectures Electroniques



A postdoctoral position of 12 months of duration is available at CEA Paris-Saclay in the frame of the OMNIS project, which aims at adding new features to a detector based on the Micromegas technology, that is to say: real-time neutron radiography capabilities under high radiation constraints. The postdoctoral researcher will participate to the next developments and optimization of the Micromegas detector for neutron radiography applications. First, the postdoc will work on the characterization, understanding and optimization of the prototype. This study will involve both Monte-Carlo simulation and experimental tests in laboratory in order to estimate the effect of several parameters (gas composition, neutron converter, drift gap, electric field configuration, etc.) and to assess its performances for neutron radiography. In view of enhancing both the spatial resolution and the gamma suppression, evaluation of various camera operation modes will be part of the work done in this project. The results of this work will be the basis for the design of a larger prototype dedicated to neutron radiography applications.

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