Latest PhD positions

Outline Runtime Assertion Checking

Our team develops Frama-C ( ), a code analysis platform for C programs which provides several analyzers as plug-ins. Frama-C itself is developed in OCaml . Frama-C allows the user to annotate C programs with formal specifications written in the ACSL specification language. Fram...

embedded elapsed-time attestation

The security objectives of connected objects are usually Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication (CIA). However, guaranteeing these objectives does not prevent changing the order of events or the elapsed time between two events. To meet these new security needs and ensure the security of an...

Sensor Networks and Digital Twins for Mechatronic Systems Co-design

As part of the development of its R&D activities on sensor networks and digital twins, the Autonomy and Sensor Integration Laboratory (DSYS/SSCE/LAIC) of CEA-LETI in Grenoble, France, is offering a thesis on "Sensor Networks and Digital Twins for the Co-design of Mechatronic Systems". The LAIC la...

Culture of microlagae on industrial exhaust fumes

Photosynthetic microalgae and cyanobacteria have the advantage of being able to transform CO2 into a valuable biomass. They are potentially able to capture and reuse industrial CO2 emissions and therefore mitigate their environmental impact. This use of CO2 of industrial origin in a strategy of b...



The CEA : a leading research organisation
The technological research division of the CEA (CEA Tech) brings together more than 4,000 researchers, engineers and technicians, and more than 500 doctoral students.
Positioned at an essential stage in the innovation chain, it works in close collaboration with numerous partners from industry and academic research, in France, in Europe and out of Europe. Each year, CEA Tech technologies allow the creation of 6 to 10 start-ups, several of which have become leading players in their field, at the global level.
On the Grenoble and Paris-Saclay sites, with the CEA-Leti, CEA-List and CEA-Liten Institutes, and in a set of smaller establishments in other French regions, CEA Tech creates a wide range of portfolio of technologies engaged with digital, energy and medical transitions.
When joining CEA Tech, our doctoral students are joining an adventure rooted in 50 years of history, and marked by scientific advances and innovations serving the major challenges of our societies.